Well, this pretty much sums up my year. I not only lost $1,000 a month from major cut-backs at the two restaurants where I work, but my very last chance to sell my TV series, The Black Tower, crashed and burned at Netflix. With my once extraordinarily successful show business career now truly dead, all I have to look forward to, in a life cut short by Type 2 diabetes, is low wage menial employment with no money to spare for fun little things, like shopping excursions in Vancouver, visits to galleries and museums, and day trips to explore the wilds of BC (believe it or not, I do enjoy hiking). I'm trying to be hopeful about the future but, with my physical and mental health plummeting with each passing day, it's all I've got in me, just to get out of bed in the morning and rake a brush through my hair.

Please, be good to me, 2021. 🙏